Get Behind the Movement - Become a Hempstar! Many of us want to make a difference to the world, many of us are frustrated with the progress of nations and governments in the face of climate change, many of us worry about the future for our next generation of kids. Many of us would like to do more than worry. Many would like to act but realise there is no point acting alone.

So How Do We Make Ourselves Count?

Finding ways to act together, in common sense, for the common good, is the only sensible way forward to a more sustainable future for ourselves and Mother Earth.

Hemp is a vital component for resourcing this future and, once this is clearly and factually understood, the barriers preventing Hemp uptake from happening need to be dismantled as quickly as possible. A globally released film is a powerful means to get this message across, to unite a global movement and to quickly build market demand for Hemp based products.

Making a film is always exciting but making a film whose goal it is to change global opinion is more than exciting… it’s transforming. To make a film whose production is energised and  financially supported by millions, like yourself, around the globe is globally transformative.

Together, as a connected, global community of Forward Thinking People, there lies within our reach the possibility of engineering an unprecedented, film-based ‘course correction’ effort, unencumbered by political constraints, to reset the economic drivers to achieve a sustainable future by switching people on to the totally renewable, recyclable, carbon saving super-plant that is Hemp.

To this end, we have built and continue to develop this site to give a world full of potential ‘Hempstars’ the opportunity to make ‘lemming-like thinking’ a thing of the past!

Glad to have you on board!

Richard interviewing Michael Balderstone from the Hemp Embassy in Nimbin, Australia.

To find out what becoming a Hempstar is all about click here.

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