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Be Part of Our Community Community has been created as a fundraising, research and information exchange community for the Hemp film projects that will serve to rally global awareness and demand for Hemp based products. It’s a place where Forward Thinking People – affectionately known as ‘Hempstars!’  – can meet and be part of the movement contributing to the creation of a sustainable future for Planet Earth.
By Joining the Community, you and other like thinking, motivated and committed people are automatically helping to fund the film production activities of Once joined, you then have the opportunity to be part of the film production team through forum teams involved with researching and exchanging information helpful to the film productions being made.
As grows the activities of the community will expand to include a more interactive, exchange environment in line with the feedback we receive from members. As fellow Hempstar’s, we look forward to making ‘lemming like thinking’ a thing of the past and sharing this green and growing world with you, your family, friends and colleagues!

Become a Hempstar Now!
For US$25 per annum you get to be part of the production team for these film projects – straight up as a financial contributor and, if you’d like to get more involved, you have the opportunity to participate in the Hempstar Forum Teams.
You and all your fellow members of the Community have the chance to get your name up in lights in film credits and be part of the excitement as members put their ‘green fingers’ to work and ramp up the ‘chat’ in other on, and off, line communities.

Whether you’re in for a chat, or a whole lot more, your membership counts and will make this Big Hemp Film Project the success our Mother Earth needs it to be!

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