About Us

Founding the HempXchange.com

This project is the love child of citizen film makers Richard & Wendy Friar whose philosophy allroadsleadyouhome.com nourishes their whole approach to living, loving and engaging with the world.

“We created HempXchange.com and ‘The Big Hemp Film Project’ as part of our efforts to support a sustainable future for humanity.
There is no resource of greater renewable value and importance to human lives, and the planet, than Hemp. Creating a lever like
‘The Big Hemp Film Project’ will fast track the demand that will allow farmers to make the transition to Hemp crop production.
To date, the ‘lemming-like’ thinking of governments, corporations and vested interests within society have held sway but more and more everyday people are getting on track to a future that is sustainable and preserving of earth’s resources.
And because we live in times of unprecedented connectivity, the opportunity to utilise this connectivity to raise awareness and to support an wholistic approach to thinking about the future is also within our grasp.

We are happy and excited to be doing this project with so many wonderful people from all around the world and we thank all those who have kept the knowledge of Hemp alive – you are our heroes!”

Richard & Wendy Friar with Australia's first ever urban Hemp crop, grown by Richard, in the background.


Hempxchange.com honours all those who have come before us, in current and ancient times, in quiet or demonstrable ways, who have committed their actions, often without support or protection from society, spoken with courage and wisdom to hold true to their understandings, for the long term benefit of humanity.

We thank you – one and all – and invite you to make yourselves known to the Hempxchange community by writing and emailing your story – connected in some way to the purpose of the Hempxchange – about yourself or someone you know or something handed down from the ancestral past – for publication here.

Forward Thinking – Definition

The Hempxchange is a place for ‘Forward Thinking’ to be aired and shared.

The definition we use to describe what ‘Forward Thinking’ is about is much more than thinking about, planning for, and considering not just the immediate present but the long term future. It’s much more than the ability to anticipate the implications and consequences of situations and prepare for possible contingencies.

It’s about the capacity we have in our minds to see and imagine a future not projected on the results of the past. This capacity for ‘foresight’ is the nursery bed for every human advancement. It is hardwired into our human brains. It’s part of our evolutionary dowry. It’s something we all have – our own inner genius.

It’s time to pull this capacity out of it’s box, dust off the mothballs, and, together, tap into and create the superceding ‘leaps and bounds’ solutions necessary for a happy, sustainable future for humanity and the planet.

Hempstar’s in the Hempxchange.com Community are people exercising their Forward Thinking for the sustainable advancement of humanity.

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