About the Film

The Big Hemp Film is a feature length documentary film that brings the story of Hemp to the big screen. The story is full of all the hallmarks of a great film – the history, the controversy, betrayal and subterfuge, resurrection and redemption… not just of the plant but of humanities relationship with it and the earth.

‘The Big Hemp Film’ project is a film of transformational proportion.

True to form, Executive Producers, Richard & Wendy Friar, are opening up the production so that the millions of people who want to help make a difference in the world can be part of this global ‘happening’, helping the funding drive, bringing the spirit of the project alive and sharing that with others.


Pre-production is underway and while major investment is required to meet the US$25million production budget, this film is also a film “by the people, for the people”.

People from all around the world are being invited to get behind the film financially, by joining the HempXchange Community, to be part of the emerging movement of global citizens exercising their entitlement to live in a world that is sustainable, wholistic and free.

There is a donation option for those who would like to contribute more and, for those who prefer to get their teeth into things directly, the opportunity to join e-teams engaged in all sorts of Hemp and related research, projects and think-tanks.

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